it’s 16:30 on sunday, may 22 korea/japan or 2:30 on sunday, may 22 central.

yesterday we met up with peter and a few of his korean friends from college. they took us out to a huge lunch of korean barbecue and various other dishes. it was quite a spread. after lunch we wandered a bit around seoul eventually arriving at a starbucks to meet a few more of peter’s friends, including a girl from indianapolis who is in korea teaching english. after hanging out for a little while we packed out the group and headed out to find supper. we found ourselves once again at a korean barbecue joint where, once again, way too much food was ordered and consumed.

earlier peter had learned that another friend of his was in town with a group from indiana university kokomo, so plans were made to have them join us after supper. they weren’t available until about 21:00, so between supper and meeting them we went a little bar hopping. we got kicked out of two bars for smoking cigars, which was both entertaining and disappointing.

the group from iuk was about half a dozen girls. we met them at a subway stop and proceeded to a karaoke bar, the kind with private rooms not the public kind. we spent the next four hours or thereabouts singing (horribly in my case) and drinking. i think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all involved. after a short cab ride adam and i were back to our hotel by 2:00.

this morning we again met up with peter and one of his korean friends, jae. we had lunch, went shopping for trinkets, and generally wandered around a bit. we got coffee in the first, if not only, starbucks the
sign of which is in the local language and not english. mid afternoon jae took adam and i to the train station and then went on to take peter to the airport.

as i type this i’m on a ktx train from seoul to busan. we’ve got a hotel booked on the beach in busan for tonight and the plan is to take a cab to see the un korean war cemetery in busan. we might go out a little tonight, but we have to get up early tomorrow to catch the ferry from busan to fukuoka, japan.