it’s 19:19 central time on thursday the 19th, or 9:19 korea/japan time on friday the 20th.

i made it to seoul alright. finding my way around the airport without the benefit of knowing any korean (and at 4:30 without many people at all around) was a little disorienting, but i made it out without incident. i withdrew some won from my bank account and found a bus that would take me to the hotel where adam rusch was already waiting. he got in the night before and was half asleep when i walked into the room at 7:00.

i didn’t get any more sleep since the last post but am feeling alright. we’re talking about going out for brunch here in the next hour or two, and then just walk around the area checking things out. our hotel is in what appears to be a pretty happening area. there were a whole lot of little restaurants, bars, and clubs i passed on the short walk from the bus stop to the hotel. tomorrow peter will be in town and we’ll go out with him and his korean friends.