i’m going to japan! actually korea and japan. the plan is to fly from chicago to seoul and hang out for a day or so. then we’ll take a train across korea from seoul to busan and spend another day or so. from busan there is a ferry that crosses the korea strait to fukuoka, japan. we’ll spend a few days in northern kyushu checking out places like fukuoka, nagasaki, and saebo, and then take a train up through hiroshima, kyoto, and on to tokyo. from there i’ll fly back to seoul and then back to chicago.

i’m really, really excited about the trip. in the nights since i bought the plane ticket i’ve been having bizarre dreams about flying and being in foreign lands. it’ll be great to finally put my passport and the six years of japanese classes i took to use. and i’m flying business class, so the crazy-long plane ride should be at least bearable, if not friggin’ awesome.