post 417

dear web developers,

if you, for any reason, use javascript on a website to disable right-click functionality, you are a fool.

you probably implemented such code in a misguided attempt to prevent people from viewing your client-side source, or from saving off your images in order to be used elsewhere. while this may foil a 7th grader, there are plenty of ways to circumvent your effort, the easiest of which is probably just turning off javascript.

in reality, all you’ve really accomplished is annoying people like me who habitually use the back and forward buttons on the right-click menu.

in order to keep my life as annoyance-free as possible, once i find such a site i will simply use the back button on my browser’s tool bar and then never, ever return.

so, in summation, if you think driving away visitors (i.e. potential customers or at least ad viewers) is an acceptable price to pay for an ineffectual attempt to protect your copyright, then by all means keep it up.

kris knigga

post 416

today was the first nice day out in a long time. it was cold, but not bitterly so, and the sun was out and the sky was blue. what better way to enjoy it than a motorcycle ride? the odometer rolled over 2000 and i hit a big puddle that i completely underestimated and my legs got soaked. the bike needs a good wash now, but that’ll have to wait until it is much warmer out.