as mentioned in the previous post, i bought a motorcycle. a 2006 triumph america, to be exact. pictures.

i had been wanting a motorcycle for a long time. the first step, obviously, is to get a license. i did that last fall with no real plans to get a bike any time soon. but, after i got the license i started thinking it a waste to not exercise my new-found privilege and started half-seriously looking.

i knew i didn’t want a japanese bike, nor did i want a harley. while harleys seem to be decent enough motorcycles, there is something cult-like about that brand of which i want no part. after narrowing the field, i decided that i wanted a triumph america. there is a triumph dealer very close to my new place i bought last november, so i had been around there looking at their stock and the americas grew on me pretty quickly.

after my first-time home buyer’s tax credit came in this past spring i started looking a little more seriously. i inquired around about the availability of used bikes, but it seemed that there just weren’t many around and i really didn’t want to spend the money for a brand-new motorcycle, especially as a new rider, so motorcycle thoughts got pushed to the back burner.

then, in late june i was just killing some time on a sunday evening on ebay when i found it. the original owner posted that he bought it just before his wife became pregnant with triplets and therefore had no time to ride it. despite being four years old, it only had ~170 miles on it. it looked great in the pictures and what he was asking was in my price range. so, later that week i had my first ride on public streets when i went gave the bike a test drive. it had some weird electrical issues with the turn signals due to some shoddy wiring from when the guy had installed custom rear lights, but otherwise it was in perfect condition. after checking it out i really, really wanted it, so i talked the guy down on price a bit and then told him i’d be back to pick it up the next saturday. and so i did, and had my second ride on public streets when i rode it the 35-ish miles from where it was back to my place.

when i picked it up it had 176 miles on the odometer. right now, two months later, it has 1379 miles on it.