post 405

on friday a seller and i were able to come to an agreement on the price of a townhouse. lawyers are currently reviewing the agreement and i need to arrange for an inspection for some time this week. if all goes well, we should be able to close by the end of november.

timing hasn’t been so good, though. i have to be in florida this week for work. i’m waiting in o’hare while i type this, in fact.

post 404

if you see this, the switch to my new webhosting provider is complete! i finally reached the last straw with siteflip, my webhost of six years. their customer service was horrible. while things were running correctly everything was fine, but any time i had to talk to customer service they were slow to respond and i was treated like an idiot. i had enough earlier this week when they suspended my account because they tried to charge an expired credit card, the information for which i updated a month ago, and upon failure never contacted me to see what was going on. i had more helpful communication with my new webhost, inmotion hosting, in the first two hours with them that i ever had in six years with siteflip.

post 403

i spent friday evening, all day saturday, and all day today in motorcycle driver’s ed. today we took driving and written tests and i passed both. some time this week i need to go to the dmv and get my license updated with a motorcycle endorsement.

post 402

haha. i offered 85.3% of asking on the place i posted about yesterday. the place is decked out in ’70s decor (in dire need of updating) and other places around it have been selling at even less than i offered. i heard back from my realtor this morning. she said the seller was “extremely insulted” and wouldn’t even respond with a counter. i responded by upping my offer to 88.3% of asking. he responded by telling me he wouldn’t even consider less than 94% of what he was asking. i told him to let me know when he wises up.

buying real estate == fun times

post 401

i put in an offer for a townhouse tonight.