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throughout this guide, you will see the term system administrator. the system administrator is someone who manages your system, taking care of such tasks as adding peripheral devices, adding new users, and doing system backups. in general, this person (who may also be called the system operator or the “superuser”) is the one to go to with questions about implementing your software. you may find it helpful to take along cookies or other snack food when visiting your system administrator.

from the using hp-ux manual published by hewlett packard in september 1997.

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somehow, i’ve become a bit of a grammar nazi (i probably inherited it from my mother). my pet peeve grammar faux pas is using adjectives where adverbs are required. for example, if someone asks you how you did on a test, the correct answer is “i did well”, not “i did good”. “good” is an adjective; that is, it describes nouns. “well” is an adverb. adverbs describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. in the example case, you want to describe the verb “did”, so an adverb is appropriate.

now, normally i have the willpower required to keep my mouth shut when somebody makes this mistake when speaking, but i get really agitated when i hear this mistake in scripted speech. tonight, as i’m unwinding watching some tv, an outback steakhouse commercial comes on urging the viewing public to “live adventurous”. holy crap. not only is that a perfect example of using an adjective incorrectly, it doesn’t even sound right! i understand that some incorrect usages sound as natural as, if not more natural than, the correct usages, but this certainly isn’t one of those cases. outback and their marketing company should be embarrassed by this egregious bastardization of the english language.

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the battery in my treo struggles to hold a charge now. :(