post 391

i’ve not had a good method of collecting technical notes in the past. all of my notes are spread over a bunch of different machines in all sorts of different formats, which makes it very hard to make the notes useful. to try to consolidate everything into one central, searchable format, i’ve set up a personal knowledge base. it’s hosted on metatron out of my apartment, which means, among other things, that it probably won’t have the greatest uptime value in the world (especially in the warmer months when i don’t feel like paying to both power and cool this beast of a computer) and upload speeds might not be so impressive. however, if i’m making it web-based, i might as well let the world know in case others find it helpful.

post 390

i have mixed feelings about fry’s electronics. they always have what i need, which is great. however, every time i go i end up finding a bunch of stuff i didn’t know i needed, but, gosh-darn-it, it turns out that i do.

post 389

a few weeks ago the power flashed in my apartment while i had metatron running. this started getting me all paranoid because lately i’ve been setting up a bunch of virtual machines on metatron. now, if metatron goes down uncleanly, it’s not just one os instance that can get messed up, it’s a half dozen or so. to quell my paranoia, last weekend i bought three nice upses. well, wouldn’t you know it… when i got home from work today my microwave clock was flashing 12:00, but metatron didn’t even notice the power outtage. one point for paranoia!

post 388

i am a caffeine lightweight. half a cup of coffee and my head is spinning!