post 385

i saw the coolest thing in the supermarket today: pancake batter in a spray can.

post 384

current temperature: -9°f. global warming, save us!

post 383

christmas was good, as was new year’s. i had to work both the 24th and 26th, so i just stayed in my apartment for christmas day. i drove down to mom and dad’s that friday and got to spend the weekend with the family, though. for new year’s i went down to champaign-urbana to meet up with adam, max, and sam.

abbie came up to visit last weekend. i took her to medieval times on saturday. i had a good time pointing out all of the things they have at medieval times that didn’t exist in medieval times and then wondering why they wouldn’t give us forks (“but they didn’t have forks in medieval times!” yeah, i get it. they didn’t have sound systems, computer-coordinated light shows, or fog machines, either!). but, we got to sit in the front row and the show was pretty cool and i think we both enjoyed ourselves.

i ordered a nikon d60 this past week. it arrived yesterday, so i’ve been tinkering with it most of today. i can’t wait for the weather to get nice so i can go outside and take pictures of stuff.