post 375

i’m in class this week: rh436 red hat enterprise clustering and storage management. this is a class targeted towards rhces and above, so everyone in the class is a pretty hard-core linux nerd. yesterday we got into a discussion about using a couple of closed-source, commercial software packages versus using the cludgy, open-source alternatives that come with red hat. arguements were made that using closed-source kernel modules “taint” the kernel, an assertion that is also made by the kernel when it loads such modules. i think this is stupid. i’m not such a free software idealogue that i’m against using proprietary software when it makes sense to do so. i want to use the best solution for a problem, despite the philosophy on software licensing to which its creator subscribes. i’m wearing a microsoft shirt today in an attempt to further inspire controversy

while i’m on nerdy issues, i switched metatron over from using raw disk partitions to using lvm the other night. this involved a lot of shuffling of data, boot process reconfiguration, and nervousness. i was quite surprised that i never seriously screwed anything up and the conversion was a success after only the first attempt. overall, i’m pleased with my performance. :)

post 374

the hilton garden inn in fishers, indiana: no stranged timed lights in the bathrooms. maybe it’s just a thing that was done in older hotels.