this has been a pretty exciting weekend. adam rusch had an extra ticket to the cubs vs. nationals game on friday, so i went with him and a group from the place he works. we had great seats in the center-left bleachers. we did get rained on for maybe an hour between batting practice and the game, but otherwise the weather was great. i even got a sun burn! after the game, one of adam’s bosses took adam, myself, and another of adam’s coworkers out to supper at harry caray’s steakhouse.

on saturday, i met jake in merrillville to see jim gaffigan. we were to the left of the stage (stage left) and three rows back, so the seats were great. they didn’t allow photography once the show started, but i got some shots beforehand to illustrate how supremely awesome the seats were, mainly to tease abbie (who was supposed to go).