post 371

this has been a pretty exciting weekend. adam rusch had an extra ticket to the cubs vs. nationals game on friday, so i went with him and a group from the place he works. we had great seats in the center-left bleachers. we did get rained on for maybe an hour between batting practice and the game, but otherwise the weather was great. i even got a sun burn! after the game, one of adam’s bosses took adam, myself, and another of adam’s coworkers out to supper at harry caray’s steakhouse.

on saturday, i met jake in merrillville to see jim gaffigan. we were to the left of the stage (stage left) and three rows back, so the seats were great. they didn’t allow photography once the show started, but i got some shots beforehand to illustrate how supremely awesome the seats were, mainly to tease abbie (who was supposed to go).

post 370

why do a lot of hotels have extremely bright flood lights in their bathrooms? are they tanning lights? are they so you can see yourself really well when you are sitting on the john looking at yourself in the mirror? why are they on timers instead of normal light switches? and why do you always have to turn the knob on the timer past “here” for the light to come on, even though the timer will tick back to zero if you don’t make it past “here”?

post 369

holy cow. in the 24 hours or so commenting has been working, i’ve gotten nearly 400 spam messages collected in my “to review” queue. if you read my site regularly, you know that i often abandon it for long periods of time. at that high rate of spamming and my low rate of clearing it out, that queue will get very big very quickly. so, i’ve made an adjustment. if the filter marks a comment as spam, it will throw an error and completely reject the comment. only ham makes it to my database now!

post 368

gm isn’t wanting to help me out with the car. they say that brakes are consumables and aren’t covered in the certified used bumper-to-bumper warranty. brake pads i can understand; brake calipers, on the other hand, not so much.

i’ve got commenting working again. this time in a way that doesn’t open me up to sql injections!

post 367

gas is $3.749 in milton, wi.

post 366

still no electricity. let’s hope it’s back on before about 6am tomorrow!

post 365

friday, saturday, and sunday was lollapalooza at grant park in downtown chicago. i went with chris anderson (there, you got a plug), his brother, and another friend of his. we got to see louis xiv, the toadies, radiohead, rage against the machine, and nine inch nails, among others. loads of fun were had by all. crappy camera phone photos for your enjoyment.

right now i am sitting in my apartment in the dark typing this on my cell phone. no, i didn’t forget to pay the electricity bill. a tornado and some really heavy storms just went through and knocked out the power.

post 364