post 363

this past thursday my boss’s boss had a poker party and invited us server team guys. this was the third or fourth of such events i’ve gone to, but this was the first time i ever walked away with more money than i brought!

saturday i was in indy for my cousin’s wedding. the ceremony was nice, the reception was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see the family.

post 362

i’m sitting here in quizno’s waiting for my new car to get fixed, and i’m kind of steamed at gm‘s certified used car program. i bought my new used 2004 grand am at the end of april, just shy of three months ago, and apparently just over 3,000 miles ago.

i say apparently because about a week and a half ago the red warning light labeled “brake” came on and hasn’t gone off since. today was the first day i had time to take the car in to have it looked at, so i woke up early (for a saturday) and took it to the local gm goodwrench service shop. upon inspection, i was told that the front left brake has been leaking brake fluid and warning light was telling me i’m low. to repair it will be about $350 and i’m just a couple of hundred miles over the certified used car warranty limit.