post 358

i just sent my car, the car that’s been in my family all of its 21 year life, the car that i’ve driven my whole driving life, to the scrap yard. i feel like crap.

post 357

oh, and i’ve temporarily disabled comments. it appears that my web host has made a setting change that opens me up to sql injections. i’ll turn comments back on when i’ve got this fixed.

post 356

i think it’s time for a new car.

the wagon wouldn’t start this morning. i’m guessing the battery is dead, but the car was starting fine yesterday. the battery didn’t show any signs of being weak. i was so ticked off that i came straight back to my apartment and applied for a car loan. not a whole lot, but enough to get a decent used car. i guess i’ll have aaa come out and see if they can get the wagon jumped, but even if they can, i’m getting really tired of the hassles.

i’m very divided about getting rid of the wagon. on one hand, it’s dying and is starting to be a real pain. on the other, i’ve been riding in it and driving it nearly my whole life. the car is 21 years old, so i had to have been 3 or 4 when we got it. it’s also the car i mainly learned to drive in, and i’ve been driving it since i was 15 (even longer if you count up and down the driveway). it’s the car that i took with me when i went away to vincennes, and then purdue. that car has seen a lot of firsts in my life, and has been a part of a lot of good memories.

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