post 353

the other unix guy’s last day was yesterday. to prepare, i flew out to the location he was at near buffalo, new york, and shadowed him from the 11th through the 15th.

it was my first time flying commercially since i flew down to see tom in florida in 2004. for the trip out, i flew out of kord on a small, 40-something seat crj direct to kbuf. the plane was surprisingly comfortable despite it’s small size (plenty of leg room, yay!), and the flight was only 1 hour 15 minutes. i actually spent more time waiting in the airport than i did in the air.

my time in new york was fairly unremarkable. i did get to meet a few new people and see a few people i haven’t seen in a while, but most of the time i was just trying to get up to speed on the systems i am taking over. i also spent a lot of time filling out forms for the security clearances i’ll be needing now. oh yeah, i’m applying for a couple security clearances, so if you get phone calls or visits from the government and they are asking about me, don’t worry. i’m not in trouble!

the flight home on friday was a little less convenient. to save money, i was booked on a two leg flight. i flew out of kbuf on an us airways airbus a319 for kphl. it was an hour and a half flight, but the cool part is that i got to upgrade to first class for $50. i love flying first class. i had a big, comfortable seat, more leg room than i knew what to do with, and a beer before we even took off. in fact, i had two full beers and some pretty fancy snacks before those lowly people in coach got their little plastic cup of soda and peanuts. you are just treated better in first class; not like cattle. in kphl i caught my next flight: a united 737 to kord. this flight was about 2 and a half hours long, so again i asked if i could upgrade to first class. the lady at the ticket counter told me that the upgrade would be $300. yeah, right! i guess the $50 upgrade is just a us airways thing.

post 352

i spoke about 12 hours too soon. the other unix guy announced that he is leaving yesterday… so it’s all me now.

post 351

about three weeks ago, the main unix admin at work left for another job, meaning that i am the unix/linux guy at work now (unix/linux will here forth be referred to as simply unix). there is another guy, but he lives and works in new york and the systems he works on and the systems i work on don’t do a whole lot of overlapping. this development, while a little sudden and initially startling, is going to be a really good thing for my career. i’m really excited about all of the new stuff i’ll be learning and doing. that being said, this doesn’t come without drawbacks. being that there are only two people in our group that know unix, we are going off on our own pager rotation. so, i go from being on a four person rotation (on call every fourth week), to a two person rotation (on call every other week). and seeing how he knows the applications his systems run and i know the applications mine run, we really will have to rely on each other for anything but basic stuff.