post 350

thursday was pretty cool. emc reps were in the office. we just bought a bunch of stuff from them, so they came to do something with that. the great part about having vendors on site is that they are usually compelled to take the group out to lunch. this is great, because we normally go someplace fairly nice, and hey, it’s one lunch i don’t have to pay for. emc was feeling extra generous, however, and also took us out to dinner at gibson’s steakhouse. i’m told that gibson’s is in top three of chicago’s steakhouses. the food was great, and was only made better by the fact that i don’t get steak, or any nice food, very often now-a-days.

post 349

this new year has been a lot different than previous new years. this was the first that i’ve been in a time zone other than eastern standard. i started getting a bunch of text messages shortly after 11pm last night and wasn’t sure what was going on until i realized that 2008 had come an hour earlier for most of the people i know than for me. had i been watching tv, it would have been weird seeing the ball drop before midnight.

another strange thing for me was not watching the ball drop at all. i went to a small gathering hosted by a friend of chris anderson’s wife. we were all too busy playing charades to watch. this was the first time in probably a dozen years that i haven’t watched the ball drop.

2008 is also going to be my first full year as an “adult”. this will be my first full year completely on my own, succeeding or failing completely on my own merit. this is also the first year since preschool i will not be at any point a full-time student. sure, i will most probably take a few technical or professional classes, but i will not be enrolled in any school. i guess you have to grow up at some point, right?

post 348

happy 2008! more to come after i sleep a bit…