post 346

i upgraded my mcse from the windows 2000 version to the windows 2003 version today. it required two tests. the first i passed yesterday with a 90% and the second i passed today with an 85%. 70% is passing for both. i thought about posting something yesterday about passing the first test, but i didn’t want to jinx today’s.

post 345

my car broke on sunday. i was on my way to get gas and groceries after church when my clutch cable broke. i stepped on the pedal to shift and it didn’t come back up. i had it towed to a shop, but being sunday they weren’t open. i left my keys and contact information and the tow truck driver was nice enough to give me a ride back to my apartment. i wanted to tip him, but i had no cash. i didn’t get the car back until this evening, so monday, tuesday, and this morning i had to ride public transportation. one bus from near my place to blue line train. the train to another bus stop. then one more bus to work. the way home was basically the same deal, only backwards. public transportation doubled my commute time.