post 344

i think someone has tried to play a trick on me. since moving in, i’ve received a few copies of latina magazine. this does not bother me, though, as the magazines usually have pictures of hot latina women on the cover and recipes for mexican food on the inside. estoy muy contento.

post 343

i bought an ikea bookshelf. i broke a knife cutting a wedge of blue cheese. i want a big, terrycloth robe. i got new tires for the shaggin’ wagon. i vacuumed. i need to buy a standalone dvd/cd player. i need to do laundry.

post 342

last night i went with some friends from work to our company’s suite at the chicago blackhawks game. this was my second live hockey game. the game was pretty cool and it’s always fun to pretend you are a big-shot sitting up in the executive suites at things like this.

it’s getting chilly outside, so instead of turning on the furnace, i’ve got metatron up and running. i’m kind of leery about keeping it running for any long periods of time, as i don’t have a ups. when i first moved in the power here was kind of flaky, but it seems to have settled down. *fingers crossed*

post 341

i remembered the other thing i was going to write about last night! we had a fire alarm here in the apartment building sunday afternoon. i was just finishing making toast in my oven (because i don’t have a toaster) when i heard a faint beeping coming from the corridor. the fact that it was so faint is probably not a good thing, but i digress. because my oven is dirty, it always makes a little bit of smoke when i do any cooking with it. so i’m thinking, “great. my making toast has caused the evacuation of the entire building.”, as i’m walking down the fire escape. when i get outside i see smoke billowing out of the front of the building, which was kind of a relief, but now i’m hoping the sprinklers don’t turn on. water and my computer toys don’t mix. as i got closer to the front of the building, it became apparent that the smoke wasn’t coming from the building, but from a few burning shrubs in front of the building. the fire alarm had sounded because the fresh air intake of the building had sucked in the smoke. we had to wait for the fire department to come, put out the fire, and reset the alarm before we could go back inside. talk about excitement, eh?

during lunch today i got a call from the body shop people. my car is done and i’m going to go pick it up tomorrow at lunch. yay for repairs on the shaggin’ wagon.

post 340

time for more crap i forgot to write about this morning.

i took my car to the shop last week to get the rear bumper fixed. i’ve got to say, if i ever get hit again i want the driver to have geico. i took the car to a geico-affiliated shop and waiting for me there were three people: a geico adjuster, a body shop rep, and a guy from enterprise car rentals. i was in and out in half an hour with a 2007 dodge caliber rental that geico is picking up the tab on. the adjuster was pretty surprised that i actually wanted my 1987 chevy fixed, but didn’t fight me on it. totaling the car was never mentioned. all things considered, it was a pretty good experience.

man, i know i’m forgetting something.

i hate getting old.

post 339

so, yeah… that redhat class was super elementary. i did pick up a few tips and tricks, but not enough to justify going. now i just need to convince the decision makers to let me go to the next two in the series.

if you haven’t heard, has started selling drm-free, 256kbps mp3s to compete with apple’s itunes. the reason this is noteworthy is that amazon is the first major store to sell uncrippled, universally supported, high quality digital music files. i had never bought music files from any online service solely due to the fact that up until now, virtually everything had been either crippled with drm making it extremely unfriendly to use, or low quality. or both. now that amazon has provided a great, legal alternative to the digital retail crapshoot that the market has been, i will certainly continue to use them.