post 338

the last couple of days at work have been a lot of fun. i’ve been working on a “high visibility” project. myself and three other guys have been working on setting up a test server for an application that we will probably be moving to in the near future. the thing of it is, though, is that it’s a san-attached linux box. of the guys i’m working with, one knows linux very well, one knows hp-ux very well, and all three know sans at least a whole lot better than i do. i’ve learned more in these past three days than i learned in a whole semester of college. and it’s all really cool stuff, too. today, once we finally had everything squared away, i went into our data center and watched the server’s monitor while unplugging one of the redundant fiber connections to it. the os mentioned that it noticed that one of the physical links was down, but failed over to the other link seamlessly and kept on chugging. how cool is that?

next week i’m back in downtown chicago for redhat training. i was scheduled for the beginning class, even though i tested into the intermediate class using redhat’s placement tool. no matter, it’s probably not a bad idea i start at the beginning. all of my knowledge thus far has been gained because i had a specific problem or goal. there have been a lot of things that i haven’t really had to deal with because it’s usually just me using the machine, such as user account management. this will catch me up on some of the stuff i’ve never had the need to learn in the past.

post 337

i’m sitting on the side of the interstate waiting for the cops to show up. i just got rear-ended on my way to work.

post 336

jake didn’t need his wireless router anymore, so he gave it to me. now my wii has the internets! i’m posting from it now. rock on.

post 335

i got pro in wii tennis!

post 334

a couple of interesting things happened to me today. first, i woke up this morning to a strange sound. trains go by my building quite regularly, so that plus the fact that i lived in vincennes for two years means that i am pretty used to hearing trains come and go. the sound i heared this morning had much more of a “chug-a-chug-a-chug” quality to it and the sound of the whistle was very different than what i’m used to hearing. wondering what was going on, i stuck my head out of my windows and saw what appeared to be a steam engine going by.

the other thing happened on my way back home from church and grocery shopping this afternoon. as i was coming into the building with my groceries, two other people were leaving together; a short, chubby, middled-aged, balding, white guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and a tall, young, fairly attractive, black woman wearing hooker boots and not much more than her underwear. i can’t imagine how those two knew each other.