post 333

i just got back from another cubs game. yay fun!

post 332

again i find myself neglecting my website.

today was my first day back in the office in nine days. last week i was attending a commvault training class. commvault is the backup solution my company has been using for some time now. within the week i will be taking an exam to become a commvault certified engineer. the irony of it is that our company probably will be transitioning off of commvault in the near future, thus making my training and certification pretty much worthless. oh well. at least i was out of the office and hanging out in downtown chicago for a week.

this past week also saw me turn 24, my last year before i am officially old. anderson and his wife, sarah, came over saturday night with a cake to play wii and celebrate. if no one else, i had a good time.

this morning my return was greeted with new-found remote access to work. i guess they are getting ready to put me in the pager schedule. that sucks, but was expected.

now i am watching "scent of a woman" on tv. i had never seen it before, but am quite pleased with it so far. it might be a movie i should get on dvd.

post 331

i made two exciting, quality of life enhancing purchases today. the first is a new no-stick 10″ skillet. why is this worth noting? well, my old 10″ skillet is made of thin aluminum and isn’t anything close to no-stick. the bottom had warped making it very wobbly and created hot and cold spots. also, no matter how i fiddled with cooking temperature or how much no-stick spray i used, i could never prevent food from sticking. frying eggs was a disaster because the white would glue itself to the pan and then burn. to break the new pan in tonight, i made fried eggs. they came out perfect.

the other purchase is a nintendo wii. i’ve been wanting one for a while now, and just happened to stumble upon one (five, actually) while i was at target shopping for the skillet. not being one to pass up such opportunities, i bought it along with “wii play” which gets me more games and another controller. it was probably a little more than i should have spent, but i figure that this will be my birthday present to myself. what? you didn’t realize that my birthday is next week? you’d best go shopping tomorrow, don’t you think?

post 330

this past weekend was fairly eventful. anderson and i had planned on going out to check out the infamous rush street in chicago friday night, but adam stopped by on his way to wisconsin for a family reunion so all three of us went. adam met me at my apartment after work. after the grand tour we hopped on the metra and met anderson with some of his coworkers at union station. we had a couple of drinks at the bar there, but eventually found our way to the bar anderson and i usually go to for supper and more drinks. after we had finished our supper, it was time for rush street. we hopped in a cab and started out. we never quite made it to rush street, but found ourselves on division street instead. the bars there were very much like the bars at purdue where all of the frat boys hung out, so basically they kind of sucked. we didn’t stick around for very long and soon left for dave & buster’s. we played video games for a couple of hours and called it a night.

i had to be at work at noon on saturday for our monthly server maintenance. that was all sorts of fun

speaking of maintaining servers, we had a server completely die today. luckily it wasn’t a production machine. despite having 24×7, 4 hour response service contracts with hp, it took them forever to get a technician out to fix it. that meant i had to stay late. very late. i didn’t get home from work today until about 10:30pm. and he didn’t even get the stupid thing fixed!

post 329

i seem to be acclimating to living in chicago pretty well. well, at least i’m learning to drive like a chicagoan. i got honked at twice on the way home from work yesterday. not for anything illegal or unsafe, but for general prickishness while driving. yay for me.