post 322

yesterday was the end of my second week at work. until yesterday morning i had no admin access to anything, so i was left with very, very little to do. i understand that they want to make sure that i’m trustworthy and situated enough before i am granted such rights, but it makes for a very boring time for me. i did get to set up a linux box the first week. it seems that i might be the most linux savvy person there, so that’s cool. hopefully that will prove to be an asset in the future.

today i had to get a few things squared away for my car. my indiana plates expire today, so i had to go get my title transfered and get new plates this morning. i was going to get a new license too, but i didn’t have enough time. that’s not such a big deal, though, and i have plenty of time to do that later. i also called comcast about getting cable service hooked up. it looks like they have a deal going where i can get “enhanced cable”, cable internet, and voip all for $99 plus tax per month for one full year. if that pans out, i’m all over it. right now i only have the five tv channels i can pull out of the air, my cell phone, and a really jankity internet hookup. i’m borrowing my dad’s laptop with a wireless card and getting free wifi from some nice person who hasn’t locked down their wireless network. i then have the laptop plugged into my router and have internet connection sharing running. and then my workstation and metatron are plugged into the router. all-in-all, i think my internet connection is being nated three times (1: wifi router, 2: laptop’s ics, 3: my router). if that ain’t urban engineered, i don’t know what is.

post 321

today is my first day at work. it’s been training thus far. i still don’t have ‘net access in my apartment.

post 320

i’m moving to chicagoland tuesday. i was planning on renting a u-haul truck, but dad has offered his help and the use of the truck and stock trailer. i start work the following monday. this should allow me a few days to get acclimated to the area and figure out how to to get work and how long that trip will take.

i am not sure what my take-home pay will be as i have no idea what my various paycheck withholdings are going to be, so it’s been difficult to plan a budget. because of this, i’m not sure if/when i’ll get any luxury services (cable/satellite tv, high speed internet, etc.) hooked up. because i’m not sure about my internet access situation and i’ll probably be dropping to a fairly skimpy cell phone plan, there is a good chance that i’ll be hard to get a hold of for a while.

post 319

monday i went up to chicago to look at apartments. i had it narrowed down to two yesterday and today i’m sending in my application, deposit, and all that jazz. the place to which i am applying is right close to kord, so that is going to rock. i’ll get all sorts of use out of my scanner.

today, my purdue diploma arrived in the mail. i suppose i ought to get it framed. i suppose i ought to find my vincennes diploma.

post 318

i have accepted an offer for a sysadmin job in chicago pending a background check and drug test. i’m hoping to be moved up there and started in my job by mid-june.