post 317

i got to go to the indy 500 yesterday. tim got two tickets to the at&t corporate suite and invited me to come with him. in case you were wondering, pictures were taken.

yesterday morning, we parked in downtown indianapolis and met up with everyone else that was invited. at&t provided a continental breakfast and goodie bags for everyone. we then loaded up on coach buses and made our way to the indianapolis motor speedway with a police escort. yes, we legally stopped traffic and ran stops to get to the race.

we were in one of the tower suites. it was right above the pits and had a great view. at&t had a catered buffet set up with prime rib, pork, caesar salad, pasta salad, roasted potatoes, and cheesecake. they also had a well stocked, open bar.

most of the race was pretty good. the only thing that sucked about our suite was that it had no view of turn three: the turn where most of the wrecks happened. at lap 113 it started raining, so the race was stopped and delayed for about three hours. after the track was sufficiently dry, they got the cars back out and restarted the race. after about 50 more laps, the rain returned and the race was ended. the guy who ended up winning didn’t deserve to win, i don’t think. he got lucky and was in the right place when the rain came back. i think that if the race was fully run, tony kanaan would have won.

there were quite a few important and famous people in our suite. the ceo of at&t made an appearance. the regional president of at&t was there for most of the race. a state representative was there. we met a couple that owned a small, rural phone company. jared fogle was even in our suite.

post 316

still no job yet. this past weekend i went to batesville for that meeting. while it was a lot of fun and i learned a lot, i don’t think the trip will prove very productive. i was up in the chicago area for interviews tuesday and wednesday. i think both went fairly well. both said that i should hear back from them early next week. the company in evansville has recontacted me. they said that they might have been a little off on their offer. i am supposed to talk to them on the phone tomorrow morning to discuss a new offer. i’m interested to hear what they have to say.

i’ve decided that i don’t like recruiters. i’ve been contacted by various recruiters during this job search and so far working with them has been nothing but a waste of time. they have me jump through hoops by filling out paperwork and doing phone interviews with them, and yet they haven’t gotten me one real interview yet. now, i know that they are paid by companies, not by job seekers, so their loyalties lie with them, but if they treat job seekers poorly they won’t get very good results for their clients. eh… i’m just tired of being jerked around.

post 315

last week was super busy. monday, i moved back home from purdue. that was pretty much an all-day project. i had to lift metatron four times and i think i pulled a muscle in my back.

tuesday, i drove to evansville for a job interview. on the way down, i stopped in vincennes to see if i could track down any of my former teachers. luckily, i found all of them together in a meeting. i visited with them a bit and filled them in on my story from vu until now. one of them suggested that i contact a guy about a job in hospital facilities management. apparently people with backgrounds in biomedical electronics have been getting into the field and he thought i might be able to, as well.

the interview was for a voip technician job and went really well. after the interview i had dinner with brad graber, who i hadn’t seen since the spring of 2003. i would have liked to stay longer, but i had a job interview in carmel the next morning so i had to leave pretty early.

the interview wednesday was for a network integration company. they said that if i were hired i would start doing mainly phone tech support, but would be able to move up into a position with more of an engineering aspect after a while. they said that they’d get back to me in a few weeks.

after that interview, i talked to a head-hunter in indianapolis. he said that he had a job in frankfort that i would be perfect for, but i haven’t heard back from him. i should call him and see what’s up. i called the contact i was given for the facilities manager job and was invited to batesville for a big meeting of hospital engineering folks. that is this coming weekend, so i’m planning on going down to that to network a bit. i also received a job offer from the company in evansville. wednesday evening, adam and i went and saw spiderman 3 in the imax theater on the south side of indy.

thursday, i did absolutely nothing. i figured that i had been running pretty much nonstop for about 10 days straight, so i took the day off.

friday, jake and i ran errands all over kokomo, including stopping by the hospital to visit abbie. she had minor surgery so we went to see her in recovery.

saturday, jake and i went to carmel to get mom’s mother’s day gift. we got her a custom six-pack of fancy beer.

yesterday, jake and i went back to west lafayette to pick up some stuff. i had planned on picking up office 2007 from purdue for cheap, but they had already removed me from the system. that is disappointing. yesterday evening, the family went to the new microbrewery/restaurant for my graduation celebration.

this morning, after days of negotiation, i told the company in evansville that i would be unable to accept their offer. the pay rate they would be able to offer was just lower than i felt i could accept. they were offering less than what 1up! started me on despite that i now have a few years of experience and more college education. this afternoon i have two phone interviews. wish me luck!

post 314

my resident assistant contract is now up. i’m now officially unemployed. would you like to hire me?

post 313

i had my last final this morning, so i am done with school, at least for now. the last final was for japanese. i’m kind of nervous. this class is the only one that could threaten my graduation. keep your fingers crossed. i say that i’m done “at least for now” because i’ve been eyeballing a couple of mba programs that have it concentrations as possible future educational pursuits. i won’t even seriously consider this for a few years, though. i still need to pay off some student loans and get a good job before i can think about getting a master’s.

even though i am done, my ra duties will keep me here until at least sunday afternoon. dad says he can bring the truck over and help me move monday afternoon, though, so i’m going to wait until then. i’m not in any big rush to get home and the university will let me hang out here for a little while.

i have a job interview in carmel next wednesday. this is with the company that wanted me to drive up to grand rapids. i guess they would rather come to me instead of have me come to them. i’m fine with it either way. the community college said that they’d be making a decision “in the next few days” when i had my phone interview with them. it’s been over a week, so maybe i ought to follow up with them.

now i am tired and i want to take a nap.