post 301

i must make this post to claim my site on technorati.

post 300

i’m trying out a new commenting system. i’m running comments through a bayesian filter to determine spamminess instead of trying to have people authenticate themselves with the captcha. hopefully this will make things easier. let me know if you have any problems.

post 299

busy, busy, busy. wednesday i had a phone interview with a company out of elk grove village, il. they sent me a “thanks, but no” email yesterday. it was kind of funny; i was checking my website stats yesterday morning and noticed that people inside this company had spent a lot of time, and a lot of my bandwidth, scouring my website. i wonder what they were looking for, or what they found. no matter, yesterday i also drove up to chicago for a real, live interview with the company downtown. i think it went fairly well. i interviewed with three different groups of people, so i guess they’ll get together, compare notes, and decide if they want to have me back for a second interview. after the interview, i met up with kelly, saw her new place, and had supper with her. i have phone interview with yet another company in the chicago area this afternoon. for a change of pace, i guess, i have a phone interview with a company out of indianapolis next tuesday.

post 298

another phone interview scheduled for wednesday. this job search is keeping me busy!

post 297

it’s getting kind of warm out, which means it’s getting very warm in my room. i had to sleep with all three of my fans going and no covers last night. it might be getting close to the time where i have to put metatron into summer hibernation. :(

post 296

i had the phone interview that i posted about this afternoon. it went really well and they invited me up to their office in chicago to have a face-to-face interview and meet people. the office is located on the 41st floor of a 50-story building right downtown in chicago, just a few blocks away from the sears tower. it sounds like a great opportunity and i’m pretty psyched at the idea of living and working in a big city. another company in indianapolis called me today, as well, and we had an impromptu phone interview. this company seems super small with very little room for advancement. i’ll probably go and interview with them if they ask, but i’m pretty sure i’d take the chicago job over it. i had also applied to a newspaper group hoping that my experience in that field would help get my foot in the door, but i have yet to hear back from them.

on a completely different subject, i have grown tired of ati’s software. i’ve had my ati all-in-wonder throughout my entire college career and i’m totally convinced that the card rocks. while ati seems to be on top of the hardware game, they are sorely lacking in software. the tv tuner software is extremely flaky, as is the gemstar guide+ scheduling software that came with it. both have all sorts of annoying idiosyncracies. last night something about the software became corrupt causing both tv and guide+ to crash on launch. upon uninstalling all of it and reinstalling the newest versions of everything, i found that the newer software was actually more buggy than the original. so again i am uninstalling all of the ati software. i think i’ve found a free tv replacement. i hope it works.

post 295

last week was spring break. i just went home for most of the week, but friday night i went with adam and kyle simon up to madison to go to peter’s st. patrick’s day party. saturday we went to an irish pub with some of peter’s friends for lunch. the service sucked even though we were there during an off period between lunch and supper. we left a $2.56 tip on a $130 bill. the party was later that night and was quite enjoyable. we came back sunday.

this week, so far, has been pretty great. i had a japanese oral exam on monday, which meant that i didn’t have japanese on tuesday or today. *awesome* i had a night exam in mythology tonight, which means that i didn’t have mythology this morning. all of this means that i didn’t have any morning classes both yesterday and today. *super awesome* also, i got an a on the presentation i gave in my grad class on tuesday. *the awesomeness does not cease* well, until tomorrow, that is. tomorrow i start back into my normal routine. *sigh* six more weeks until i’m done.

i do have a job interview tomorrow. and it’s a phone interview, so i can do it in my underwear. i guess that’s kind of awesome.

post 294

et tu, brute?

post 293

i got everything prepared for and sent in my lifetime handgun permit application today. my old permit expired in november and now that indiana grants lifetime permits, i decided to get one of those. why deal with the hassle of renewing every few years, especially when the state police take so long to process applications? the fingerprinting process was much lengthier this time than the last time i applied. also, the actual sheriff of howard county, not a deputy or other flunky, fingerprinted me and he was super anal about it. gots to make sure those fingerprints come out well.

post 292

i hate daylight saving time.

yesterday was the first day of spring break, so i’m back at home. i really don’t have any plans for spring break. seeing how this is possibly my last spring break, i probably should have found something fun and adventurous to do. but i didn’t. oh well.