post 289

the new computer toy i bought on ebay (for $20 plus shipping!!) arrived today. it’s a dell powervault 200s scsi hard drive array. there are pictures.

post 288

purdue just canceled class from now until noon tomorrow. again, yay for blizzards.

post 287

yesterday i went to get blood drawn for the tb test. i guess i’m supposed to know the results in a week. we had a lot of snow this morning. i guess we might be getting more. yay for blizzards.

post 286

in the eighth grade i was diagnosed with a case of latent tuberculosis by way of a seemingly random school-wide tb screening using a skin-prick test. the diagnosis was confirmed with a chest x-ray. we were never really able to fully determine where i came in contact with active tuberculosis, but after six months of treatment (which, oddly, required that i not eat cheese) i was given a clean bill of health and sent on my way.

six years later while i was at vincennes, an ra i worked with was diagnosed with full-blown active tuberculosis. this prompted the university to offer free tb testing to anyone on campus. because of my earlier infection, i will always test positive for tb in skin-prick tests because they test merely for the antibody, which i will now have for the rest of my life. this meant that i had to go to a near-by clinic for a chest x-ray. the x-ray came up negative, the sick kid was sent to the hospital, and life went back to normal…

until today. i got a letter in the mail today from the tippecanoe county health department informing me that i might have been exposed to a person with an active, infectious case of tb in one of my classes. wonderful. it goes on to say that i need to go to the student health center to be tested. joy.

is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot of tb around me? i didn’t think that tuberculosis was that common, but maybe i’m wrong and it’s actually pretty common. or, tuberculosis follows me everywhere i go. yeah, i think that’s it.

post 285

i turned down the job offer from that company in lafayette today. the pay would have sucked and it was a job doing tech support, which sucks. i really don’t want any job where the only reason i’m there is to fix other people’s problems; to fight fires. sure, that’s going to be a part of pretty much any information technology-type job, but i want to be able to be somewhat creative, too. there is a big difference between coming up with innovative solutions that address business problems and helping someone figure out how to set up their email client.

post 284

go colts!