post 283

the most interesting thing just happened. so i’m sitting in my 9:30 class, comparative mythology, and the teacher is telling the story of a sumerian myth. all of a sudden, everything goes dark. we sit a few seconds in the dark waiting for the power to come back, but nothing happens. so, the teacher continues telling us the story despite the fact that the only light in the room comes from the emergency light and a few scattered people’s laptops. soon the distinct smell of smoke starts filling the room. at this point, the teacher decides that it’s probably a good idea to end class. and because japanese was canceled, too, i’m now back in my room happy that the power didn’t fail in cary.

post 282

yesterday was a pretty good day. after class, i went to a job interview for this little outsourced tech support company in lafayette. i had met the owners through a mutual friend a few weeks ago. i think the interview went well enough, though in retrospect there are some things i would have changed. they said they’d let me know around friday. after the interview, fellow ra and pilot robert took me up in a plane. we flew two patterns around klaf. i’d never been up in a small plane at night before, so that was cool. robert even let me drive a little. yay! after that, i met with some crs and kelly to watch the state of the union. the speech was boring, but i really don’t think too many people were paying attention to it, anyway.

post 281

i’m taking this sociology class, “social problems”. it pretty much sucks. having libertarian leanings, i tend not to believe that society has problems, but that people have problems and that these problems can be overcome by people without society’s (the government’s) help. so from the get-go, i already disagree with the entire premise of the class. great way to start, eh?

post 280

i’ve been trying to put together a more professional resume than what is already on this website in anticipation of eventually graduating. after consulting a good number of resume writing guides, writing the resume, and then passing a copy around to various people for review, i’ve determined that there are few absolutes when it comes to writing a resume. i get so much conflicting advice it seems that everyone is looking for something slightly different than everyone else.

post 279

i got a new webcam today, so scratch all that i said about taking down the webcam page. i also took my first 500-level class today: the history of psychology (psy540). my abnormal psych (psy350) graduate ta is in this class with me as a student. that’s kind of strange.

post 278

i’m back at school again, hopefully for my last semester. second semester ra training starts in half an hour and classes start on monday. in other news, i’ll be taking down the webcam page here soon. i think my webcam crapped out on me because all it shows now is green. it’s actually been doing this for a while now, i just have been too lazy to do anything about it. i suppose that i’ll eventually get a new webcam, but it won’t be terribly soon.

post 277

in years past, i’ve made so many new year’s resolutions that it becomes difficult to remember them all, much less keep them all. to make things simpler this year and improve my success rate, i’m resolving to make no more than one new year’s resolution. happy new year!