post 271

class resumes tomorrow. this week is going to be busy. i need to get moving on my photography project. i’ll probably be spending many, many hours in the photo lab this week. but the good news is that the week after this coming is dead week, which means that the week after that is finals week, which means only three more weeks in this semester. *whew*

post 270

happy thanksgiving! this is the holiday i have to work in the dorm, so i’m only able to come home today for a few hours. i’ll have to be back at cary by 7pm. it is a nice break from school, even though i am mostly stuck at school. i can’t wait until this semester is over.

post 269

last week was a bear. i had two tests and two presentations. i was so exhausted by friday that i went to sleep pretty early, despite it being my night off duty. today i used the wccr press pass to watch the purdue/iu game. the first half was so bad it was funny. neither team played well. the second half was much better and purdue ended up winning.

post 268

friday night ron white came to purdue, so jon and i went to see him. saturday i almost went flying to get some pictures for my photography project, but the plane had a dead battery and wouldn’t start. i ended up going home saturday evening. yesterday i spent 7 hours or so in the photo lab getting prints made for tomorrow. we switched to a new type of paper that is supposed to be better, but takes at least twice as long to process.

post 267

i gave two units of blood today by dual red blood cell apheresis.

post 266

i voted.

post 265

i got to fly one of the full-motion 727 flight sims that purdue has today. i took off from o’hare, flew a pattern, and then landed. this goes on my “coolest things ever done” list.

post 264

go air force, beat army!