post 263

i hate daylight saving time.

post 262

meeting burnie was cool. i got his autograph. in other news, i just got done uploading a bunch more a&d 117 photos to the photo gallery.

post 261

i’m heading over to champaign-urbana here in a bit to attend a few nerdy lectures. i hear burnie burns (of red vs. blue fame) will be there. i wonder if i could get my rvb dvds signed.

post 260

ok, one more post for today. the army had a couple of attack dogs out on memorial mall today for demonstrations. they let me put on the dog jacket and get tackled by one. i got mud on my pants, but it was fun. after all of that, i went to the local camera shop to see if they rent lenses. they don’t, but they had a used 135mm telephoto lens for my camera with a uv filter and shade cup thingy for only $30. so i bought that. i spent the rest of the afternoon at the airport taking pictures of planes taking off and landing with my new (to me) lens. i’m super psyched about what i’ll be able to do with this lens; probably more than i should be. oh, well.

post 259

my academic advisor has added me to the list of may ’07 candidates for graduation pending a 5 credit waiver.

post 258

so, a guy i was an ra with at vincennes got arrested last week for some pretty big stuff. i’m not going to give too many details, but let’s just say that it’s made the news in a pretty big town. it’s been pretty strange seeing his mugshot everywhere and hearing all of the stories about what he did. one positive of this is that it was the reason i got to talk with hope, another ra i used to work with, today for about an hour. we rarely talk, but when we do we always end up resolving to talk to each other more often. i’m not sure why it never happens to work out. no matter, it was great getting to catch up with an old friend, though it kind of sucks that it took something like this to make it happen.

post 257

fall break is coming to an end. it was so nice to have a few days off of both school and duty. ciss (the ra conference mentioned in the last post) was fun enough. it definitely beat sitting at home. the really fun part was watching kevin get all school-girl-like being back at ball state.

post 256

this weekend is fall break. i’ll be at ball state tonight and tomorrow for some ra conference. i plan on stopping by the house on my way over, though, to see how dad is doing and everything. i had the greatest idea in the shower this morning. i was thinking about how bad i am at forgetting to set my trillian (and therefore aim, yahoo, msn, and icq) away message. wouldn’t it be cool if there were a plugin for trillian that would interface with outlook and make my calendar my away message? “kris is currently at: com303”