post 255

who got the new weird al dualdisc in the mail today? that’d be me.

post 254

i’ve uploaded more scans from my a&d 117 class to the photo gallery. some of them are decent. i had a bagel with cream cheese and lox at einstein brothers this morning. yummy.

post 253

i went home last night to get metatron, so he is here now. i got him all set up and running here in my room. in fact, i’m posting this via metatron right now. maybe it’s still a bit too warm out to have him running.

post 252

i just got back from the purdue football game. it was the second game, and first home game, that i’ve been to since i started at purdue. that’s kind of sad. i didn’t buy tickets this year, so the only reason i got to go was because wccr has a press pass and, as of yet, no sports show. being the former president of wccr, i made an executive decision that i should go. so, i got to watch the game from the comfort of the press box while enjoying free food and drinks. you’d better believe i took pictures.

post 251

upon my recommendation, the new wccr general manager just got appointed. my key chain shrinks.

post 250

labor day weekend was ok. saturday we had to put in hay, but it was so wet that we kept getting the truck and trailer stuck in the pasture. my allergies have been so bad here lately that aside from driving the truck, i tried to stay as far away from the hay as possible. i rode josh for the first time in many, many years. while it was very not good for the allergies, it was fun. i rode bareback, so my inner thighs were pretty sore for some time afterwards. luckily, there was enough sun out so i could take pictures. i didn’t get two whole rolls exposed, but i got at least one done. due to no class yesterday, we didn’t have chem lab this morning at 7:30. yay for that. ok, that’s it.

post 249

monday is labor day, so i’m going home for the long weekend. i guess we are having cake and stuff for my birthday that was two weeks ago. tonight i hope to go see beerfest. i hope it gets sunnier out. i need to burn two rolls of film and my pictures need to take advantage of highlights and shadow, which isn’t so easy without good sunlight.