post 248

i made my first picture today. i never knew so much went into making pictures.

post 247

the first week of school is over, and i didn’t even skip a single class! according to the cards and other messages i’ve been getting, apparently my birthday was wednesday. i guess i’m 23 now. i don’t feel 23. i had to work wednesday night, so i didn’t really get to do anything. last night i went to the cactus with kelly and jason. tonight, adam and i are going to go do something.

post 246

and it starts…

post 245

i am exhausted. yesterday was the last day in a week-and-a-half ra training program. while training was a lot of very long hours, it wasn’t all work and no play. one day all of the cary ras got to go out to camp tecumseh to participate in a wilderness emergency rescue course. the idea of the course wasn’t to teach us how to evacuate an incapacitated person from a wilderness area, but to get us to come together as a team and to teach us to work together. another day we got to go around in small groups through the halls while returning ras provided mock policy violations for us to handle. yesterday, as the final event in our training, we attended a large, formal banquet in the union with a lot of university and university residences big-shots, including president jischke. general move-in started today and will extend until sunday evening. class starts bright and early at 9:30am on monday morning. i’m really looking forward to something more of a routine.

post 244

my calendar has been updated with my school and ra schedules.

post 243

i turned in my resnet application and money on friday, but they haven’t turned it on until sometime this morning. that sucks. so now i have internet access, but it gets so hot in my room that i doubt i’ll have my computer on that much (i don’t have a/c). training starts today, so it’s not like i’ll have all that much time to sit around and play on the internet, but it would have been nice to have it over the weekend when there was absolutely nothing else to do. i have to go take a shower now. training starts in one hour!

post 242

today is moving day. i think i have most of my stuff packed (including the clean clothes i am going to wear today. grrr…), except, of course, my computer. i’ll be shutting that down right soon. i didn’t get my internet access fee paid in time, so i’ll be without internet access for a day or two. saturday is adam’s graduation party in kokomo. i’ll probably come back for that, as well as to pick up anything i’ve found i’ve forgotten.