post 241

friday i took the truck and trailer to help kelly and jason move. on the way back the trailer got a flat tire. it took an hour to change it. saturday i went to bloomington to hang out with chris anderson and his fiancĂ©e. we had indian (dots, not feathers) for supper. i ordered a dish that was labeled “hot”, because that usually doesn’t mean anything in indiana. yeah, that was a mistake. afterwards we played putt-putt, and i lost for the second time in a week.

post 240

jake and i got back from our trip yesterday evening. it was mostly quite fun, but also very tiring. because i was able to leave as early as i wanted, i was able to take a detour through vincennes on my way to washington. we walked around the tech building looking for people i know, but found no one. after that, we walked around and scoped out the new buildings on campus: the rec center and the performing arts center. i have no idea why either of those buildings were necessary, but they sure are pretty. i also took jake through vigo hall to show him where i worked as an ra. after a quick driving tour of the town, we finally continued on to washington.

we got there an hour earlier than we planned. apparently washington is on central time. i was under the impression that only the evansville area was. oh, well. we had a nice visit with aunt bonnie and uncle jim. we had supper with them and then went to play miniature golf. i lost.

tuesday morning we headed out for holiday world. i’ve got to say, that place is really nice. it was clean, smoke-free, and had unlimited free soft drinks. they didn’t have a whole lot of roller coasters or other “big kid” rides, but the ones that they did have were pretty decent. they also had a show about competitive diving where they had some crazy lady set herself on fire and jump into a pool, and some crazy guy do a dive off of a 70 ft. platform. i guess we were there for about five hours.

the drive from holiday world to our grandmother’s was quite nice, as well. for the most part, we were on i-64 which runs through the hoosier national forest. it really is a very pretty area. wednesday morning grandmom had arranged for a pilot to take the three of us up in a small plane for 10 to 15 minutes. that was fun. i haven’t been in a small plane in a very long time. it reminded me that i need to get my pilot’s license. when we got back to her house, we did some yard work for her and left. we stopped at the outlet mall in edinburgh on the way back to do some back-to-school shopping and just general browsing. the drive back kind of sucked. traffic wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very good and it was just too humid out to be comfortable.

post 239

today i helped dad clean the barn. yuck. after supper i made peach daiquiris. they were glorious. monday jake and i start our tour of southern indiana. our first scheduled stop is in washington, indiana, to visit our aunt and uncle, but i think i might swing through vincennes first. it’s not far from washington and i’d really like to see all of the changes. jake won’t read this post, so he won’t know what’s going on until he sees the “welcome to vincennes” signs on the highway. tuesday morning we’ll be leaving washington for santa claus, indiana, to spend the day at holiday world theme park. after a day of riding roller coasters we’ll continue on to hanover, indiana, to visit with our grandmother. the final leg of the trip will be back to russiaville on wednesday afternoon.

post 238

as you could probably have guessed by my last post, adam and i went up to madison for the weekend. friday mrs. rusch drove us up to merrillville. from there we took a coach bus up to o’hare in chicago where we changed buses. the next leg was to janesville, wisconsin. in janesville, we met adam’s grandmother and then proceeded to her house. we were to meet a friend of adam’s family so adam could buy a car from him. after that transaction was complete, we hopped in adam’s new 1994 chevy caprice and completed our last leg of our trip to madison. we had a good visit with peter. he had a party saturday night and that was fun. we ended up leaving madison at around 5pm cdt yesterday and got back just short of midnight edt.

post 237

i’m headed north towards madison, wisconsin, on a big coach bus right now. yay for mobile internet!

post 236

i got my bill from purdue today for $0.00. :D

post 235

last tuesday was independence day, so fireworks were bought and shot off monday and tuesday night. we still have a good number of bottle rockets and firecrackers left over, so we still shoot some of those off every once-in-a-while. this year’s fireworks were pretty amazing. this was the first year in a very, very long time that anything other than fountains and sparklers were legal in the state of indiana. so while in the past only a few daring people would use mortars and other shoot-in-the-air-type fireworks, it seemed that this year everyone in the country got in on the action.
wednesday i went to west lafayette to get a few things for the radio station. i had to be there at 8:30am and the task didn’t take that long, so i ended up with nothing to do for pretty much the whole day. after adam got out of class i hung out with him and matt for a while, but while i was waiting for him i decided to take a walk around the almost-complete second floor of cary quad southeast, the area in which i’ll be working come august. southeast is in the last stages of a renovation project that had it closed all last year. from what i could tell, it was very close to being finished, with only a few cosmetic things left to do. i walked around trying to find out which room was the ra room, but found that there are, in fact, three ra rooms, so i couldn’t figure out which was to be mine.
friday afternoon i had to go back to west lafayette for a planning weekend for the newspaper. that evening we had a cookout at adam’s place and pretty much just chilled there. saturday we met with a guy who helped us figure out what we need to do to get established a little better, make a lot more money, and generally be effective. it appears that i’m going to be the director in charge of our web presence. “new media director”. that’ll look good on the old resume.

post 234

happy birthday, america!

post 233

i just spent the last few hours trying to figure out how to make my rss feed show dates and times correctly. yikes. it would have been a ton easier if there were no such thing as daylight saving time. grrr… also, if you didn’t notice yet, i added commenting capability a few days ago so the general public can comment on my boring life. exciting, no?