post 232

this week has (surprisingly) been kind of busy. monday and tuesday i was in indy for the indiana republican state convention. i worked as a poll clerk, which meant i did nothing because there wasn’t anything to vote on. using some black magic, matt plomin got our normal hotel room in the omni severin upgraded to a two-story suite on the 12th floor for $50 more. pictures of the room and its awesome view are in the photo gallery. thursday i had to go to lafayette for a business meeting, so naturally that turned into a trip to the cactus. yesterday i went to teri erk and dave sutton’s wedding and reception. the service was elegant but short, so that was nice.

post 231

i went to the greater lafayette area tonight for adam’s 24th birthday. i met him at his house and we hung out for an hour or so. then we met chase, jeff, and matt and went to la scala for supper. after that we picked up some cigars (the nice ones) and headed to eight west (at the top of the holiday inn) for after-dinner drinks and cigars. while there, matt struck up conversation with some people from a pharmaceutical consortium, most notably hedinn (from iceland) and shawn (from england). after a couple of hours we decided to move on to chumley’s because they have a great selection of beer (50 on tap, 100 in bottles). chase and jeff wimped out on us and went home after dropping us off at chumley’s. there we met matt’s coworker, cajun (he is german and i don’t know how to pronounce or spell his real name, so we all called him cajun, which is close). hedinn also met us there after finally breaking free from his pharmaceutical associates. it was one of the most fun nights i’ve had in years.