post 230

adam and i made a hookah for today’s 4th annual “world yes tobacco day” celebration. there are pictures of both the device and the gathering and there will probably soon be a website all about our tradition.

post 229

got my grades wednesday. they were below where i figured them to be but still fairly decent, barring japanese. taking it instead of something like spanish was a big mistake. oh well. my cumulative gpa is still ok, but my semester gpa really took a hit from my japanese grade. i haven’t heard anything yet as to if it’ll effect my ra position.

post 228

i’m done with class and am starting to pack up my stuff to leave. i guess i’ll be back online in the next couple of days or so. buh bye!

post 227

i just got an offer to be an ra in cary next year. yippie!

post 226

i haven’t updated in a while in order to give the last post a good, long while at the top of the page. i’m quite pleased that as of right now, 105 people have sent out this petition thingy. i just wish i could get some folks from the press to pick this up. anyway, finals week starts tomorrow. i have two tomorrow, and one tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. i’m not totally sure when i’ll be going home. probably friday. i still need to find a job. i’ll probably end up working some meaningless job that i have no interest in, such as video rental clerk or something in food service. blah.