post 224

news, news, news… i never got a letter telling me if i got an ra job or not. i finally got fed up and called the housing office. they said that me not getting a letter was an “oversight” and that i should get one “tomorrow”. this was last wednesday. they also told me that i was placed on the alternates list. so basically, i still don’t know if i have a job or not. as part of a study i volunteered for, i was tested for adhd. guess what. i’ve got it. i must say, it’s really no surprise to me. i’m just glad that finally someone other than me recognizes it. as part of the study i get free treatment for 20 days. i start tomorrow. wish me luck.

post 223

i got back from spring break yesterday. i wanted to get in a bit early so i could catch some of the first boilermaker regional. i really didn’t do a lot over break; just chillin’ for the most part. i still haven’t heard anything about my ra job due to some office mix-up. i was supposed to get a letter informing me of their decision the week before spring break, but i didn’t get anything. i let it be known that i hadn’t received anything and they said that they’d look into it. maybe i’ll get something this week.