post 222

be nice to me, i gave blood today!

post 221

i updated my public yahoo calendar for the first time in a very long time. i sort of lost the program that exports my outlook/palm calendar to yahoo when i had to reformat in august. i just found the program again today. speaking of palm, i got my super-duper hybrid stereo headset for my treo today. now i can listen to mp3s in full stereo splendor from my phone! wow! i’ve spent most of the evening in the studio looking through old records. i have to dj a dance at an old-folks home tomorrow night so i thought i’d better go find some old music. man, if we could sell some of those old, old records we’d be rich.

post 220

i got my car friday. it shifts again! yay! i’ve been incredibly busy lately. i will continute to be probably until thursday. man, this week is going to suck.

post 219

i took the car into the shop monday. i got a call this morning saying that they had to replace the clutch. needless to say, i wasn’t surprised. hopefully the car will be done so that i can pick it up friday afternoon.