post 218

i did the ra carousel thing last night. i thought it went really well. they say that they’ll tell us if we got hired or not by spring break. i surely hope i get it. my car is getting worse. i think that i’ll be taking it to the shop sometime in the next few weeks. i’m sure that’s not going to be cheap. it sucks being poor. i think i’m going to apply at best buy over spring break for a summer job. it won’t pay well as well as i’m used to, but something’s better than nothing.

post 217

i think the clutch in my car is dying. i have to say a prayer, cross my eyes, and sacrifice a small rabbit to the clutch gods in order to get the sucker into either first, second, or reverse. third isn’t too bad, but it’s still not as easy as it used to be. i think the problem is that no matter how far i press down on the clutch, it never fully disengages whatever it’s supposed to disengage. i don’t know why my clutch keeps dying. it seems to happen every few years. it’s not like i ride the clutch or try to burn my tires all that much. in fact, i haven’t tried to spin my tires but maybe once or twice since i last had my clutch worked on.

post 216

it seems as if we’ve figured out my bursar problems, so i won’t be dropped from school. that’s nice. i’m posting this from my phone while i wait for intro to jewish studies to start.

post 215

purdue doesn’t think i’ve paid! yikes!

post 214

i just got back to purdue and got mostly unpacked. the webcam should be updating again here in a bit. class starts bright and early monday morning at 7:30. *le sigh*