post 213

tom allen was around kokomo the last few days. it’s always nice seeing him. he brought his fiancĂ©e, elizabeth, with him, too. i had a consulting gig yesterday. i guess i’m moving back to purdue sometime next week. i’m not totally sure when, yet.

post 212

merry christmas!

post 211

i’m moving back to kokomo today for christmas break. expect the webcam to be down. i’m pretty much finished with my home-brew picture gallery. i’m still not totally happy with how some of the stuff works, but that’s all back-end stuff. it should be fully functional right now from your point of view. enjoy!

post 210

a lot of changes have been made to the site. most you probably won’t ever see, as they are mainly back-end changes. however, i feel like i have done a lot and am quite satisfied. hopefully the changes will make the site easier for me to use, which means i’ll be more likely to update things. keep your fingers crossed!

post 209

finals are half over. that’s nice. i can’t wait for this semester to be done. on the other hand, i’m not quite looking forward to next semester. i’ve got class every morning, all morning. i even have a 7:30am on mondays!

post 208

today is the first day of december, so i guess it is fitting that it snowed. i believe this is the first snow of the year that actually stuck to the ground. my group did our final presentation yesterday in speech, so i’m pretty much done with that class. japaneses makes me cry. tom is getting married in august and i’m going to be a groomsmen!