post 202

well, i turned 22 today. it was a really long day. class from 9am until 5:20pm. afterwards was the cr callout and after that kelly, meador, becky, and matt had a little sort-of surprise get-together for my birthday. it was most satisfactory.

post 201

i’m moved in here at purdue. my dorm room this year is absolutely huge. it’s one of the new suites in cary. i’m lovin’ it. no matter, it’s incredibly boring. school doesn’t start until a week from tomorrow. i’m just here because i have a small role in freshman orientation.

post 200

provided that the check i was given doesn’t bounce, i have now been compensated for my car. that’s nice. i think the main hard drive in joebob is going bad now. i had a little bit of a heat issue here recently and i don’t think the drive appreciated it. so now windows won’t boot. hopefully a file just got corrupt and the drive isn’t bad. i suppose that keeping a windows installation running on a desktop for 2.5 years (installed 01/30/2003) isn’t bad, though.