post 190

the new heatsink/fan is in and it seems to be keeping joebob happy. yay!

post 189

the cpu fan on joebob died and he locked up. i’m overnighting a new heatsink/fan from cdw. they rock. i hope no permanent damage was done. :(

post 188

so i’m back from spring break. while not too exciting, it was a welcomed break from the daily grind. i went to st. louis for the last weekend of it for a seminar. st. louis has to be the most boring big city ever. don’t go. on the other hand, our hotel room had an excellent view of the gateway arch, which was half a block away.

post 187

so it’s spring break. dad and i went down to indy to rent a full-auto hk ump .45acp. the mode options were safe, semi-auto, two-round burst, and full-auto. holy cow was that fun. i had never shot a full-auto gun. i suggest trying it sometime. tomorrow i go back to school because i have an appointment to schedule classes for next semester.

post 186

the car is finally done. yay! i picked it up this weekend. all that’s left to do is find the big plastic thingy for the front bumper and clean it in and out. i’m so happy i haven’t forgotten how to drive a manual! next week is spring break. while i’m not doing anything too exciting, it will be nice to have a break.