post 182

i was bored so i wrote a script to output this site’s news to rss. i’m still tweaking, but it should be more or less functional.

post 181

i still don’t know about the wagon. i would think it should be done by now. *shrug* i guess i’m not in too big of a hurry for it. school is going well. i think this semester will be much better than last. all of these classes seem pretty fun or easy or both. i’ve been messing around with some polling software on here, so you might see a poll pop up above the news section from time to time. if you see one, do your civic duty and vote!

post 180 has been on teh internets for two years now. time sure does fly!

post 179

it’s new year’s and i’m still rockin’ out. w00t! welcome 2005.