post 175

i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. mine was ok. it was nice to have a good, long break from school. i got to go shooting. i haven’t done that since before school started. only a few more weeks of school left. i still haven’t heard about the ra job yet. grrr…

i love my debit card

you wanna know what really irks me?

so, i went to muncie a few weeks back to party. the next morning we go out to find a place to get a little breakfast. on recommendation from the townie we were with we go to a denny’s-esque little place. i believe it was called richard’s. as we approach the door of richard’s we notice a sign posted on the door.

“to keep prices low we cannot accept credit cards, debit cards, or personal checks.”

now, being a modern man i don’t like to carry cash around. i have a debit card and use it for everything. the most cash i carry is a few bucks for use in coke machines. so, to get my breakfast i had to drive around town looking for an atm. and is it not quite fitting that my bank wasn’t anywhere nearby? i had to eat a $2.00 service charge so richard’s didn’t have to raise their prices by $0.10 to cover the credit card fees. sounds really logical to me! on top of that, how is a place that is going to charge me $15.00 for breakfast going to lose money on credit card fees when taco bell can afford to eat it when i buy my $0.99 chili-cheese burrito? these types of places need to pull their heads out of their butts and join us all in the year 2004

post 174

tonight is my interview thingy for being an ra. i really need to knock ’em dead because if i don’t get this job i don’t know how i’m going to continue paying for school! yay! wish me luck…

post 173

go vote! it’s your civic duty. i don’t care who you vote for, just that you do it.