post 167

i have gmail invites if anyone wants them.

post 166

i kind of had a little get-together last night. it really was a lot of fun. thanks to those who showed up. everyone who didn’t sucks. we’ll see about having another at some point in the future.

post 165

it’s my birthday. i’m 21 now. adam took me out tonight and i had my first legal drink in a bar just after midnight. good times. my first class at purdue is at 11:30am today, so i had better get some sleep now.

post 164

i’m here at purdue and i’m mostly settled in. i have to go shopping this evening for a few things and i still have some clothes left to unpack. monday is the first day of classes. coincidently enough monday is also my birthday (yea!).

post 163

it is time to pack for tomorrow i move.

post 162

this was my last day of work at 1up!. i had a lot of fun working there and will miss everyone. one week from today i’ll be moving over to purdue.