post 160

i’m back from florida. i had a blast with tom and elizabeth. it’s kind of strange thinking that about twelve hours ago i was swimming the in the gulf of mexico and that twenty-four hours ago i was partying it up in a club on the beach. indiana sucks.

post 159

i got my a new muffler for the wagon. i should be getting my new mini thirty today. this evening i’ll be flying down to florida to hang out with tom for the weekend. i’ll be back sunday evening.

post 158

two things. first, i went camping this weekend with adam and holly and some of their friends at shades state park. saturday we went tubing down sugar creek. we floated down that creek for three hours and not one of us had to pee. hmmmm… second, the cat is out of the bag; it is no longer a secret. this august i will be furthering my education at the great purdue university. i will be majoring in computer science (sort of… long story).

post 157

happy independence day!

post 156

i have gmail. :-D
kris.lastnamecensored (at) gmail (dot) com