post 136

wedding today… not mine. i am an usher, though. you can send me a gift if you’d like.

car maintenance

you wanna know what really irks me?

the other day i went to get my oil changed after work. not only was i stuck in wally world for two hours with nothing to do while they changed my oil and lied about checking my tire tread, i got a little surprise when all was said and done. relieved that i can finally go home i go outside to the parking lot to get in my car. without thinking i open my door and sit down into my car. opps! i suddenly don’t fit in my car. what happened? the 4’2″ grease monkey who had the job of driving my car the 100 feet from the parking lot to the garage and back felt the need to adjust my seat and mirrors to his personal liking. in case you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting me, i’m kind of tall. in fact, i am 6’3″ tall. it is darn-near impossible for someone of my height to get in a car whose seat is adjusted for someone fairly short. my question is: why? why does this happen? this isn’t the first time; this isn’t even rare. why do all car mechanics feel like they have to personalize the cars they work on? is this some sort of universal mechanic policy? whatever it is it ticks me off.

post 135

i bought a new (to me) computer. it’s hella cool. i bought it from yea!

post 134

i now know two things about my car. 1) my speedometer is a little slow. 2) my car will do 76mph.

post 133

ugh… 20.5 hours of overtime and 5 hours of sleep in 2.5 days.

post 132

poor panthers. they should have won. too bad. :-(