post 125

new year’s eve and what am i doing? working!

post 124

Christmas wasn’t too bad, except for the 12 or so hours of overtime i ended up putting in over the break. most notably i got a new wallet. i needed a new wallet badly. my old one was falling apart. this next paycheck will be nice. it’ll give me something to fill my wallet with.

post 123

merry Christmas… i’m at work. probably will be all night. yea. :-|

post 122

mom and dad are back. snow covered parking lots == donuts in reverse. Christmas is just around the corner… do you have your shopping done?

post 121

the parents went to mexico for a week. party at my place! wahoo!

post 120

i had quite the long weekend. it started thursday after work. i picked up jon and went to vincennes. friday we went to the university to do a couple of favors for our former professor mr. brown. we also got to see and talk to a few old friends and other professors, so it was nice. saturday we stopped by the lan party that was going on, and then we left for home. sunday i went to winamac with two of my coworkers and shot at the dnr range there. my ak-47 broke. :-( it’s nothing too big, though, and shouldn’t be hard to fix. later that evening i went to see an acapella group perform. it was more fun than i thought it was going to be. after that i came home, talked to some friends and went to bed way too late.