post 119

watch out vincennes! it looks like i have some business to take care of at my alma mater. my plans currently have me getting there late thursday evening and leaving saturday at around noon. if you want to see me or do something with me during my visit drop me a line or something. if you’d rather develop pancreatic cancer than see me, you’ve been warned. i highly doubt that is the case; however. after all, you are reading my website, aren’t you?

post 117

happy thanksgiving!

post 116

friday we had a party at the office. saturday i had lunch and saw a movie in lafayette. today i was supposed to go to the shooting range, but that had to be canceled.

post 115

poker tonight with the lot from work. i only lost $30… not too bad! :-)

post 112

i now have credit. i now have debt. i now have a nice, new stereo system. yea h. h. greggs!

post 111

everyone tells me, “kris, you have to establish some credit”. so i apply for a capitalone credit card. denied! then i try to buy something at bestbuy using “90 days same as cash”. denied! sheesh! apparently i need credit to get credit. isn’t that dumb.

post 110

friday night i went to purdue to party with adam and tony and the gang. one highlight was that we went and saw the matrix revolutions. very good, i thought. leaves too much unanswered in the end, though. saturday nothing happened. today i got to give my ak-47 a good test run. put about 50 rounds into a pumpkin with it. :-) nice.

post 109

here is the first pic. it was taken at work. ;-) i love my job.

post 108

1) mcribs are back and they are awesome
2) i bought an ak-47. pics coming soon.

post 107

i posted a new rant.