post 105

“it’s four o’clock in the *@#!ing morning”…

post 104

i have to work this weekend. i don’t have to work this weekend. i have to work this weekend. we’ll see…

post 103

i went to southern indiana/kentucky thursdsay evening and got back today. i-65 south and then us-421 north. fun fun.

post 102

having trouble pronouncing “knigga”? go to the about me page for a little help. make sure you have a media player that can use ogg vorbis files.

post 100

tom is stopping by later tonight. haven’t seen him since spring break.

post 99

geeze! it’s been like christmas at work. all this new, cool, expensive stuff has been coming in and i get to play with it! yea!

post 98

i had a fun evening in lafayette tonight. it was nice to get out of the house and go do something.

post 96

the matrix reloaded on dvd in widescreen rocks! (this post is a little belated. i bought it tuesday.) i must see the third one as soon as it comes out, even if i have to go alone.

post 95

when it’s time to party we will always party hard! oy vey…

post 94

yea! sort of. dieing to know? ask me. i’m not going to put it on the page just yet. probably not for another six months.