post 86

i suck. i’m such a jerk. i’m sorry.

post 85

i’m pretty bored. i did have plans a while back to do something today, but those plans have since dissolved. anyway, i hope you are having a beautiful day.

post 84

whoa! i shouldn’t have had those baked beans at supper…

post 83

i need to find something to do around kokomo. and i need to find someone to do it with. i’m tired of doing nothing all the time. get up. go to work. get home. do nothing. go to sleep.

post 82

i gave blood to the red cross yesterday. they messed up my arm again. :-(

post 81

well, i’ve totally redone how the news stuff on this page works. everything is now stored in a mysql database and the page is totally dynamically generated. cool, huh?

post 80

this is the new server. yea!

post 79

switching hosts because hypermart is being a royal pain. stuff may be weird for a while.

post 78

well, i have redhat 9 running on joebob now. i slip lower and lower into total nerditude. next step: stop taking showers. hopefully i’ll find a life again before it comes to that.

post 77

you know… the more i think about it the more i’m convinced; i’m just a wonderful person. that’s right! don’t act so shocked! now only if i could convince women of that fact…