post 75

not much to say really… if you don’t know i’m sure not telling you. and no, i don’t want to talk about it.

post 74

happy birthday to me… happy birthday to me… guess how old i am and win a chance to buy me a gift!

post 73

i’ve got most everything on the page working the way i want it to. the hosting company is still being a pain about some things, though. i got a creative nomad jukebox zen the other day, so the webcam is down while the zen gets the usb port. i’m going to have to get a powered usb hub to get everything working nicely.

post 72

my web hosting people have made some changes. they didn’t tell me about these changes until after they were made. because of this some stuff isn’t quite working correctly. i’ll have it fixed asap.

post 71

10 more days until my birthday! what did you get me?