post 70

emily moved. i got a cell phone (if you want the number, ask). i won a copy of windows server 2003.

post 69

the new processor is here and in and it works! yea! 800mhz is just screamin’! but, to get it to work i have to run a beta bios, so i’m kinda leery about that. i’m going to go cell phone shopping sometime this afternoon.

post 68

the google ad thing didn’t work out so well. google kept disabling my ads because they were “too general”. oh well. i bought a new processor for joebob (one of my computers). i ought to make a page about my computers…

post 67

garry trudeau, author of comic strip doonesbury, stole my idea! you remember that rant i did earlier this week about drink sizes? today’s doonesbury is about pretty much the same exact thing, granted he did say it better. regardless, i did it first! you all should email him and tell him to get original ideas! :-)

post 66

electrical storms suck

post 65

i got the rant thing done.

post 64

i started a google ad campaign to draw hits. so far i think it’s working. i hope the people who come here by way of the ads aren’t too disappointed… after all the ad had nothing to do with what you searched for! :-) things on my website “to do” list: add a rant section so i can bore you all with my thoughts and ideas when i get the time to do so.

drink sizes and yuppie enterprise

you wanna know what really irked me? the other day i go in to a fast food place for lunch.

“welcome to quickie burger” greets me as i approach the counter.

“i’d like a super burger and small drink!”

“i’m sorry sir, we don’t have small drinks; just medium and large.”

just medium and large? how is that possible? by definition medium has to be defined by something that is smaller and larger. if one of these things were missing, medium would take over for the missing size. therefore, quickie burger’s medium drink is just a small renamed to make it sound better. that’s retarded. i don’t want a medium, because a medium is too much. i want a small!

to make matters worse some companies do away all together with the small-medium-large scale. i went to a popular yuppie coffee joint the other day for some coffee. i get to the menu in the drive thru and pick what i want.

“can i help you?”

“yeah, i’d like coffee; black coffee.”

“ok, sir. what size?”


“we don’t have medium. we have tall, grande, and venti.”

what in the heck? who are these people and why are they too messed up to use a normal scale? people are tall. rivers are grande. what the heck is venti?

post 63

my outlook generated calendar has been giving me some troubles, so i moved all of my web-based calendar stuff to yahoo calendars. check it out, stalker.

post 62

happy 4th of july!