post 61

umm… the webcam is sort of up. it points to no place in particular, but sometimes you can see me. then again, sometimes you can see my ceiling. sometimes you’ll see nothing but black (hint: the lights are probably off…).so, enjoy my webcam. i know i will! :-)

post 60

ha ha! yea! my new lcd monitor got here today. it is so wonderful to be able to see what is going on! :-D

post 59

news, news, news… what do i have in the way of news? well, i’ve been working for a little over a month now. the job seems to be going well. those of you who have seen my old 17 inch crt monitor in action will be happy to hear that i bought a brand new 15 inch digital lcd monitor. yea! no more dark and streaky p.o.s. two months until my birthday! ummm… thats all for now.

post 58

i know i haven’t updated the news in awhile, but you know what they say, “no news is good news.” now that i have a job and everything, i shelled out a bit more money so that the photo album is cooler. now anyone can view the high-res pictures instead of the crappy low quality versions. hmmm… what else? oh, i know what… i love getting paid! it is just such a wonderful feeling to have money! :-) ok, i’ve typed enough.

post 57

ok, so i didn’t smoke yesterday… my allergies were acting up and i figured that the smoke wouldn’t help. but the thought was there. emily came over and we watched tv for a few hours. it was nice.